Top 7 Trending Salwar Suit Designs for 2022

Indian salwar suit

If you are an enthusiast of Indian ethnic wear, you must be carrying a bunch of salwar suits in your wardrobe. It is one of the preferable outfits for women. Salwar Kameez are comfortable, easy to wear and a perfect choice for every occasion.

There are various kinds of salwar suit designs that are in vogue. Here, we will cover up top 7 trending Salwar Suit designs 2022.

 1. Straight Cut Salwar Suit

Straight Cut Salwar Suit

Among the plenty of designs, shapes and cut, the one which is timelessly bound with the change is the straight-cut salwar suit. The beautiful straight-cut represents the Indian fashion industry with its engaging style, grace and dignity.

Straight Cut Salwar Suit is known for its perfect fit. It is the reason it is very popular with college going girls and working women. Another advantage of the straight-cut salwar suit is its versatility. It can be easily paired with jeans, leggings, sharara, skirts and even a lehenga.

 2. Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits
Another popular salwar suit that symbolizes our traditions and ancient history is the Anarkali suit. Popular since the Mughal era these suits have a special place in every fashionista’s ethnic collection. It is also a favourite among Bollywood Actress from Rekha to Alia - Hema Malani to Deepika all have been seen dressed in this stunning outfit on various occasions. The use of contrast colors, embroidery on the necklines, and intricate gotta work on the border create striking effects.

3. Chikankari Salwar Suits

Chikankari Salwar Suits

No, doubts the chikankari salwar suit carries the most mesmerizing design among all the salwar. It is popularly known for its handmade embroidery, done on the subtle color fabric that gives it a classy look. Each design on the chickankari suits is done very precisely and its unique in itself. It is the reason you will never see two identical designs in Chickankari. It is known for its fine intricate work and rich look.

 4. Angarakha Salwar Suit

Angarakha Salwar Suit

Once part of royal courts, these suits take us back to the time of the Mughals. Angarakha Salwar resemble a long frock. In the bygone era, it was worn by the kings, with the evolution of trends, the fashion designer came with its new version for women known as Angarakha Salwar. It has caught the fascination of ladies looking for stylish variation of the very popular Salwar Suit.

 5. Asymmetric Salwar Suit

Asymmetric Salwar Suit

These salwar suits are in trend. Asymmetric Salwar Suit are famous among the millennials because of their unique look and comfortable fit. The diagonal length of the salwar suit is longer from the backside, differentiating it from the normal suits. Also, you will find the zig-zag cut at the bottom in some designs which makes it look super stylish.

It is a great choice for every occasion. Asymmetrical suits have gained immense popularity among college going girls. This has resulted it gaining top spot in the sale of women kurti online.

 6. Sharara Style Salwar Suit

Sharara Style Salwar Suit

Sharara style suits have their origin from the regions of Lucknow. These are set of short or long kurtis which is paired with layered pants. The dupatta is one of the essential part of sharara which help in uplifting the look of the wearer. You can choose to have a sharara style with a variety of handwork such as moti, zari, and kundan which will add a classical look to your dress. It comes up as an ideal choice for ladies sangeet.

 7. Short Kurti Salwar Suit

Short Kurti Salwar Suit
These Kurti are fusion of Indian ethnic and western wear. If you are confused between both the western and Indian wear, the short Kurti is always there to your rescue . Kurti for women in India is a go attire. You can wear them casually on daily basic. Whether it is your jeans or pyjama short kurti can be easily matched with any of your outfit. You can get yourself the chic and comfy look with these short Kurti salwar suit. If you are confused about the latest trend then just search for Indian Kurtis Online and you will get the trending design.
These are the top 7 trending design of 2022 and looking its popularity we won’t be surprised if it tops the chart of Women Kurti Online India next year too.